‘If your goal is to age healthfully, nutrition matters!’

‘Start where you are at and grow from there.

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'Managing blood glucose fluctuations'Laura M., Client

'Daniela is so passionate and knowledgeable! She helped me understand the way my hormones work and provided me with solutions to help manage blood sugar fluctuations. The recommendations I received target many different aspects and stretch beyond nutrition, taking other aspects into consideration lifestyle factors such as physical activity and stress management.'

'Increased energy levels and better quality of life'Carl E., client

Daniela listened with full attention the details of my current health journey. She presented well put together information drawn from a broad holistic knowledge base. The passion that Daniela has for her work got me highly motivated.
I now have higher and more consistent energy levels throughout the day, including better performance and results from my workout routine.
I recommend Daniela to anyone who wants to improve their everyday nutrition and health but are hesitant to change things. She’ll help you set the bar at a level that is comfortable and achievable, but high enough to motivate you.

'Learning about nutrients and how to make better food choices'Ernesta Robinson, Client

I had not hesitations to work with Daniela. She is very professional and always ready to problem solve regarding my health issues. One of the things I like about Daniela is her passion for healthy eating and her love of helping her clients achieve their goals.
In the process of working with her, I learned how to read labels and make better food choices, and I also developed a better understanding on why we need certain nutrients and where to get them.
I highly recommend working with Daniela as she is very dedicated and truly cares about helping her clients.

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