Okay, I will start with a confession: I like playing in the kitchen (both cooking and baking) way more than I like writing down the recipes. The thing is, most often I do not use recipes. I fly by the seat of my pants, as they say. But there is a problem with that process.

When one or all of my family members love whatever it is that I came up with, there is a question that follows suit: Can you please make it again? And often times, there was an awkward pause. ‘I am not sure, but I’ll try…’. Ideally, it should taste the same, but what if there was no recipe to follow? So… that’s where the usefulness of writing things down as I go comes in. In case it turns out really good, I am able to do it again. The recipes you will find here are just that: happy tries in our family kitchen. A labour of love indeed.

Fermented foods

Sweets (but no added sugar)

Soups (season notwithstanding)

And… more coming! Enjoy!