Let’s explore the ways I can best serve your need:

  • A workshop on why better food choices and eating habits can improve quality of life, at home and at work.
  • A talk or group coaching on the ways to reduce the risk of chronic disease associated with aging.
  • A conversation about menopause transition in the workplace.
  • And another why empowering women to pursue health and strength is bound to benefit everyone, from family, to employer to society at large. Yep, for real!

We’re swimming in an ocean of information and we’re still thirsty for knowledge.

Let’s think of it another way: There are ways to inspire a healthier culture within your company, which translates into fewer sick days, a sunnier work environment and, why not, higher productivity. Whether we’re talking about the basics of nutrition (there is more than one ‘right’ way, by the way), healthy aging or menopause.

You and I know there is a lot to talk about. Get in touch and let’s get to planning for some good conversations.